What is LivaBudget?

With you will be able to run your budgeting process freely with our customized solutions. You will be able to generate Solo and Consolidated budget financing in accordance with TDHP, IFRS, CMB, USGAAP standards and receive comparison reports between Budget-Actual, Budget-Budget and Budget Versions so that you will have the opportunity to look at your company from the top level.

LivaBudget has flexible structure in all modules. Depending on your specific needs, you will have the flexibility to budget and control up to the most detailed level, such as sector, business area, department, goods group, customer-seller groups, material, person in all modules.

provides bi-directional data flow with your ERP system. Thus, the feedback of ERP systems goes beyond budget reporting and allows controlling budget process. For example, it triggers the SAP FM Budget module, which allows you to control and / or block budget overrides before the Budget - Accounting - Purchasing department, during the SAT (Purchase Requisition) and SAS (Purchase Order) creation.

LivaBudget Budget Planning and Consolidation

  • • It is a fully integrated Budget and Consolidation program with SAP, Oracle, Excel and Logo.
  • • LivaBudget provides opportunity to prepare Solo and Consolidated budget.
  • • You can prepare budget according to accounting standards like TDHP, IFRS, CMB, USGAAP and so on.
  • • You can make a comparison between Budget-Actual, Budget-Budget and Budget Versions.
  • • You can prepare Balance Sheet, Income Table and Cash Flow Tables with prepared formats.
  • • You can prepare the Cash Flow in all currencies.
  • • You can run MRP by taking the product tree and route information from the system.
  • • You can explode product trees and create production plans.
  • • You can budget and report your data consistently and quantitatively.
  • • You can control and / or block during the creation of SAT (Purchase Requisition) and SAS (Purchase Order).
  • • You can include all company employees in budget preparation stages with a reliable, fast and user friendly structure.
  • • You can easily transfer master data and previous year data from your own system and prepare the new year budget through this data.
  • • You can update your data quickly by importing to Excel, exporting from Excel, copying and pasting.
  • • With pivot reporting, you can instantly access the reports you want with the drag and drop technique.
  • • Whit integration of modules, data entry in a module is immediately effective on all modules.
LivaBudget Modules
consists of modules that are full in themselves. And they are integrated with all other modules. With this integration, data entry in a module will immediately affect all modules.
  • Sales Budget
  • Production Budget
  • Purchase Budget
  • Human Resources Budget
  • Investment Budget
  • Expenditure Budget and Cost
  • Finance & Cash Flow Budget
  • Reporting Tools
  • helps incorporating all company employees into budget preparation stages with a reliable, fast and user-friendly structure. You can easily transfer master data and previous year data from SAP, Oracle, Excel, Logo and other systems, prepare new year budget over this data and easily transfer the generated budget to your system. You will complete the process in seconds with exporting from Excel, importing into Excel, copy-and-paste, and incrementing the previous year's data by a certain percentage.

    With , you can get your budget department to the "Controller" position from the "Preparer" position. We integrate with all other ERP systems, especially SAP, and Oracle, Logo and many other systems to provide fast and consistent budgeting. This way you can protect your data integrity by managing your budget work on different platforms in a single platform. With our Sales - Distribution, Personnel, Fixed Assets, Production and Procurement, Cost Control, Finance and Accounting modules, you can easily budget the entire operation of your company in parallel to your actual life.

    Managers and professional employees need objective data when making strategic decisions. As we have combined our experience in different sectors and business lines with technology. In the decision-making process, we have created a system which users interact with the system. We provide analytical solutions to your future decisions by supporting your company's past data, industry dynamics, future expectations with statistics.

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